Imaginative Wings

Last week, we filled a shelf on a Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck with books and headed to downtown Austin. I met several fascinating people—like always—but one in particular stood out to me. He was looking for James Patterson (a top favorite) novels. I shared that the one on the truck that day was the first one gone. He started to peruse and sift through the books on the shelf, so I helped another man find a book.He left, and my new friend, Kevin, was still looking through. He then started to share his deeper connection with James Patterson; he had particularly enjoyed one about biochemistry. He had loved it so much that he wrote his an essay for his college application about the book’s personal inspiration for him. He wrote about his fantasy of “genetically modifying humans to have wings.” I could tell he was a creative guy; he was really proud of it. He shared that he earned $40,000 in scholarship money for that essay, and he indeed went to school to study biochemistry. He took a couple of books with him on his way and left his story with me; we both walked away with some fodder for our imaginations.

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