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Get inspired by your love of books and reading!

Books for the Journey's inspiration came from two individuals sharing their love for books -- how important reading is to their well-being. If you find yourself thinking of how book have changed your life on more than one occasion, have a car, and want to do some good in your neighborhood, we invite you to Join the Journey.

1. Contact Books for the Journey for our logo, email, etc.

Email us at or fill out our form here. On top of our logo and other marketing materials, we'll offer tips, guidance, and someone to talk to when you're feeling like you're in a rut.


2. Partner with a local nonprofit to assist you in sharing books

Do some searching for nonprofits in your area! We found Mobile Loaves & Fishes, who assists the homeless and poor community in Austin.


3. Collect books

You'd be surprised how many books go untouched after reading! Start with your own. Spread the word! Try these tips:

  • Designate a drop-off location at your home, office, or school
  • Reach out to your community through email, social media, posters, etc.


4. Develop a system and schedule of delivery (e.g. Mobile Loaves & Fishes)

In our partnership with Mobile Loaves & Fishes, we would follow their truck with our car with our books set-up in the trunk. Once stationed, we popped open our trunk and allowed people to choose their new favorite.

Here are some tips that you can try:

  • Work with certain scheduled truck runs to place books on the shelves alongside clothing, toiletries, etc.
  • Coordinate with special holiday events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) to distribute books to those attending


5. Keep track!

Document your adventures. See what books get donated. This is YOUR journey too!

  • Favorite authors and books
  • Numbers (how many you’ve given away)
  • Stories you gather


6. And please, share your story with us!

Follow us at @BooksfortheJourneyTX on Facebook and Instagram. 

Tag us with#BooksfortheJourneyTX.

Send us an email.

We want to hear from you, and please....

Have a Happy Journey.


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